Connect with like minded people
to hear and implement God's strategies
for transformation.

Online & in Christchurch New Zealand
26-28TH NOVEMBER 2020

  • Connect with like-minded people in community & business to build God’s Kingdom & seek what He wants to do in this time of unprecedented change.

  • Re-imagine how God’s way of doing things could change business & entrepreneurship as we know it.
  • Hear from those who influence, governments, organizations, & cities.
  • Participate in forums on vital topics.
  • Establish business links with Israel, a ‘startup nation’ which is a global superpower in technology & innovation.                           
  • Be inspired by stories of transformation and how this can impact the world for good & for God.
  • Form mutual, catalytic relationships that expand the vision and create new possibilities in community, business, & government.

SUMMIT Speakers