About Us

Creating an environment of mutuality

Seeing tangible transformation

Building Godly economies & biblically based businesses

Responsibly stewarding God given resources


Relationships are key. We believe in mutual relationships which strengthen and add value. Relationships between individuals, companies, and nations. We are committed to creating an environment where people with common commitments but diverse contributions can connect. Connecting people with different giftings and resources can act as a catalyst to the next phase of innovation, influence, development and transformation. When good people come together – what was impossible can become possible, whole dynamics can change and new things take place! We are excited about what will happen as people in key areas connect at the summit and link online. Together we can build an ongoing, transformational community.


We want to think deeply about what Biblical principles look like in practice. We will grow in our understanding of God’s patterns and principles and how to apply these in the areas of leadership, business practice, economic structures, community and national responsibility and development.

  • There will be presentations to the whole conference and interactive panels in the forum sessions.
  • There will be testimonies of people who are working on different aspects of growth and change.
  • Resources, books, organisations, mentors will be highlighted as part of sharing wisdom and expertise.
  • We will focus on spiritual understanding and practical application.


It is significant to establish an understanding of the importance of Genesis 12:3 in the context of business and national alignment. Israel is a unique nation, a “start-up” nation, it has flourished in a short space of time, with few natural resources, and in the midst of many challenges. We will highlight the value and the ways in which trade, investment, business & educational links can be made with Israel.

  • There will be links with the Israel Embassies, and with bodies that are trading and who can facilitate trade delegations to Israel.
  • We will highlight business, investment & educational opportunities that can be taken up after the summit. 

Christian Economic Summit is led by
a collaborative international team.

Arleen Westerhof – Netherlands
John Lockwood – Australia
Jane O’Neill – Australia
Marama Dey – New Zealand

Dr Tranter – United Kingdom
Jane Troughton – New Zealand  Founder / Facilitator

We are enormously grateful for the skills and experience of the international team and key people in many nations.