John Lockwood

John’s business history is an uncomplicated tale of endeavour complementing ability to bring success. He began his business career as a junior employee of Blackburn & Lockwood Real Estate in 1974. The company had a policy of rewarding effort with promotion, and John’s efforts saw him quickly become a salesman, manager, director and eventually Managing Director.

In 1986 John took the joint decision to re-establish the Company as a franchise network. Starting with twelve franchises in the first year, John helped grow the network to 42 franchises by 1992. Keen to pursue his love of seeing people reach their full potential, John then sold his interests in Blackburn & Lockwood, resigned as M.D. and established his training organisation, “Coaching For Results Ltd”.

John had for many years been sharing generalised business principles with business and team leaders – nature’s principles that really work, not only delivering huge material results but, more importantly, bringing lasting change in peoples’ lives. Through his search for the key to life change, John became a Christian in 1997, only to find that those same principles he had been teaching were there in the Bible all along!

In the ensuing years, John has coached and spoken to leaders in many industries, and many countries. In 2004 he founded “Kingdom Builders”, which focuses on sharing  Kingdom principles in all areas of our lives including business, relationships, finance and romance!!!

He has strong relationships with the nation of Israel and has led many groups there to observe and also partner with innovative technologies.

A prophetic spearhead in the marketplace of Finance and Wealth. His experience in business and entrepreneurship along with divine wisdom and his sensitivity to the Holy Spirit is a powerful and amazing combination for the Body of Christ.