Dr. Tranter

Dr Tranter has been employed as a Senior Health Practitioner at a leading teaching hospital in the U.K. since 2003. She was Deputy Dean at the Medical School Academy there for 6 years.

She is a strategic catalyst with a passion for gathering key influencers together in Cities and Nations. For over 10 years she has travelled extensively as an international speaker, advisor & strategist within every continent seeking solutions to major issues and challenges.

Locally in her city, she has organised 3 city-wide gatherings of 4,000+. Subsequently, she has helped gather the Church leaders of the city together monthly, to establish a deeper unity and develop a more integrated approach to serve the community more effectively.

Dr Tranter has been helping to mobilise and meet with community and sphere leaders to develop a corporate city manifesto. As a Doctor, she has a passion for healthy cities and is currently working to see the establishment of flourishing communities.