Jane Troughton

From New Zealand, Jane Troughton has travelled widely, going to over 60 nations of the world as an intercessor, preacher and to connect and work with local leaders and communities. She has a passion for transformation and a commitment to the call to set the captives free. Jane has worked on community justice initiatives, in youth, school and prison ministry is currently starting schools in Pakistan as well as other projects and areas of collaboration.

Jane has written a book called “Arise Shine” – which lays out the biblical basis for women and men walking side by side, together in a new era. It has insights and inspiration for women who want to step forward in their calling and men who want to walk with women without hindrance.

In 2017 Jane began an event to see over 33 towns in New Zealand link by live-stream to Bless Israel. This has grown to touch over 70 nations. “Nations Bless Israel” is seeing Christians join in love and unity to Bless Israel.

Jane’s core calling it to link people and facilitate – helping people come together to establish biblical priorities and practical solutions in communities and nations.

She has called together the team and facilitated the Christian Economic Summit to see incredible people connect, come into true relationship, and collaborate!